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Stepping Stones to Independence is proud to have been providing independent living skills to the Bristol community and surrounding area for over 25 years.

Ever since our founding all the way back in 1996, we have aimed to fill a specific niche as a care agency in Bristol – While there is plenty of support through public and private channels for those with severe difficulties, we have found there is little (if any) for those with mild to moderate difficulties who want to work towards independent living.

We've kept this vision as our North Star, and today we're proud to fill this niche and stand out as a specialist service for people with learning difficulties, disabilities or mental health issues.


Let's work together to share the gift of independence.

To get started with arranging a person-centred care plan, please get in touch with us via our enquiry form or by calling us at:

(0117) 960 8855

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The philosophy behind our domiciliary care in Bristol and South Gloucestershire

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To be a provider of person-centred care

We go beyond traditional one-size-fits-all care models. Our focus is instead on person-centred care, a philosophy that places the individual at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. Some of our service users have been with us since the beginning, while others move on from our care plans within 1-2 years – Whatever their situation, Stepping Stones to Independence is here for as long or as little as we're needed.

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To enable people to reach their full potential

From working collaboratively with the client and their loved ones so we can fully understand their unique aspirations to our focus on both hard and soft skills, we're committed to enriching and empowering the lives of our clients all while moving towards a clearly-defined end goal. Whether this end goal is a few months or a few years in the past doesn't matter – We'll do everything in our power to reach it.

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To never give up on our clients

We draw upon every ounce of our 25+ years of experience when it comes to building our team of carers, with a particular eye for empathy, people skills and sensing what personalities may gel well together. Our client's challenges are our challenges thanks to our compassionate carers.



Each care plan is designed with your loved one's unique aspirations and the lessons that only experience can teach.

To get started, please call us at:

 (0117) 960 8855

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Looking for a career where you get to make a difference?

Come and join our team, and you'll get to make a positive impact on somebody's life every time you check into work.

With flexible working arrangements, a supportive team at your back and a higher sleepover rate, the doors of our care agency in Bristol are open whether this is your fifth job in the care industry or your first.

Find out more about the perks of working with Stepping Stones to Independence here.





We're always open to feedback

We believe that care should never be static, and needs to evolve with both the needs of our service users and the world at large. This means that the views of our care recipients and their families are incredibly important to us.

Feedback on our domiciliary care in Bristol can include:

  • Comments or suggestions about our provided services
  • Compliments about individual colleagues, teams or our services at large
  • Complaints if anything goes wrong or we have failed to meet expectations

If you have something to say about our domiciliary care in Bristol, please share it with us!




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